Short Films

Short Films

a collection of short films created by women of color.

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Short Films
  • Strangers With Memories

    Strangers With Memories is a short film questioning the status of fatherhood in regards to whether being a father is a right or a privilege. This thought provoking film brings up questions such as a father's place in a child's life and can you miss something you've never had? 

    Written & Produc...

  • Breaking Broken

    6 women embark on a group therapy session to break the hold chains that bind them to their past as they attempt to become whole again. 

    Written, Directed, and Starring: Starlett Hill

  • The B Word

    'The B Word' is a cinematic short narrative depicting two sisters on conflicting paths, both leading to a destructive cycle of fear, blame and uncertainty. The story is set around the disease of 'Bulimia Nervosa', and how it's debilitating factors can transform a sisterly bond into one of dysfunc...

  • Layers

    'LAYERS' is a cinematic narrative short film chronicling a women's decision to expose a personal and emotional journey of self discovery and reflection.

  • You Are Not Alone

  • Wave

    Mel, a passenger on a time transport flight, must decide to return to the present or risk her life to give her dying father a chance to relive his own.
    Humans can 'fly the friendly airwaves' and transport back in time when they purchase a round-trip waveline ticket to a destination of their choi...