4 Episodes

#GRADSCHOOLPROBLEMS is a comedy about Erica -- an eclectic twenty something filmmaker -- overcoming the everyday struggles of getting her graduate school assignments done while still trying to maintain her sanity AND a social life...emphasis on trying.

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  • 'Writer's Block'

    Episode 1

    What happens when Erica finds out about an assignment at the last minute? Let's just say...weekends aren't meant for fun anyway. #gradschoolproblems

  • 'The Pity Party'

    Episode 2

    Sometimes 2's a crowd. #gradschoolproblems

  • 'Laundry Day'

    Episode 3

    Someone once said, "If you look good, you feel good." I don't think that person just pulled an all-nighter. #gradschoolproblems

  • 'The Off Switch'

    Episode 4

    Erica decides to have a "Girl's Night". What can go wrong...right? #gradschoolproblems