23 and Graduated

23 and Graduated

4 Episodes

23 and Graduated is a Docu-series where upcoming grads and college Alums share their college and post graduated experiences. These stories leave viewers inspired! By Alexis Small

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23 and Graduated
  • Meet Amber Britt

    Episode 1

    Here Amber's graduate story.

  • Meet Two Dope Twins

    Episode 2

    From freshman to graduates, these brilliant twins give advice to college students on how to finish the race!

  • Meet Koree Hines

    Episode 3

    He holds a degree in Electronic Arts. See what happened to him as a child that lead to this decision.

  • Meet JaTiara Fuller

    Episode 4

    JaTiara talks about her college experience, when she made the decision to go be in a beauty pageant and the moment that changed her life.